Thursday, December 8, 2011

Say "No Thank You" to Plastic Bags

It is becoming a well known fact that plastic bags are a major contributor to landfill pile up and are rarely recycled.  Reusable cloth shopping bags are the best eco friendly solution. In addition to cutting down on waste these bags are easier to carry and hold a lot more than the disposable plastic alternative. 

We generally think to carry our reusable bags with us into the grocery store but what if you are only getting one or two things say at the gas station.  Just say no thank you when asked if a bag is needed to carry that gallon of milk, it has a handle after all.  Ladies can use their purse to store that a candy bar or bag of chips. 

The fewer plastic bags we use will lessen the number of bags sent to the landfill to pollute the earth for years to come.  If you must use plastic bags it should be known that plastic bags are recyclable, most grocery stores have recycling bins specifically for plastic bags.  Be sure to only place clean bags in these bins as excessively dirt bags cant be recycled.  All in all its best not to use them at all and simply say "No Thank you". 

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